Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Student Support Cells

Carreer Placement Cell

Mr. Sudhish Pearson

Mr Syed Riaz Mehamood N


Womens Cell

Dr Sindhu R Babu

Ms Rubie M Sam


Anti RaggingCell

Prof. Robinet Jacob

Dr Sindhu R Babu


Students Grievance Redressal Cell

  • Chairman : Dr Toney K Thomas, HOD, STS
  • Faculty Members :Prof. Robinet Jacob, Dr Sindhu R Babu
  • University Representative of STS : Akshay P
  • Members selected by the students : Pranav N P, Ashika P K
  • Divyang member : Jidu Krishna
  • Member of SC/ST category : Krishnapriya S
  • Representaion from PTA : K P Chako


Anti Narcotics Cell

Mr. Joseph George

Mr Jithin G


Anti Sexual Harassement Cell

Dr Sindhu R Babu

Mr Syed Riaz Muhamood N