School of Tourism Studies

“Travel is more than seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living”-Miriam Beard

The School of Tourism Studies, a regular statutory department of Mahatma Gandhi University, established in 2010 is envisaged as a Centre of Higher Learning in the fast-growing areas of Tourism and Hospitality. The objective of the School is to generate skilled personnel with a broad range of applied, technical, interpersonal, analytical and communication skills in tourism leadership. It integrates teaching, research and strong industry expertise for the sustainable development of the tourism industry.

Tourism activity in India has found a niche for itself as an effective instrument for generating employment, earning revenue and foreign exchange, preserving environment, culture and tradition thereby facilitating overall development. It is a labor intensive service industry with many functional divisions like Airlines, Shipping and Cruise lines, Hotels, Travel agencies, tour operating companies, Resorts/ Spas, Theme parks, Car/Coach rental companies, Money changers, Hospitals (medical tourism) etc. The school is constantly trying to excel well in the operation of the following academic elements which is the key to successful human resource development in Tourism and Hospitality.

Innovative Curriculum, Industry Standard Training Methods, International Academic Collaboration, Internship Training, Study Tours, Industry linkage, Professional Placement.