Cultural Activities

Every year the students celebrate with fervor the major festivals especially Onam and Christmas with all the splendor befitting such celebrations.

The department celebrates world tourism day linking with international theme every year on September 26 th and 27th. It is a two day programme with inter-departmental quiz programmes being organized on tourism subjects and with important guests from the industry and the government addressing the students on various topics.

Students organize one day tours/visits to various destinations and events and exhibitions not just from
the point of enjoyment but also looking into all practical aspects of the theoretical studies being
undertaken by in their two years studies.

Familiarization Trips

The students undertake self planned tours to various destinations apart from the mandatory 2 weeks National tour under the guidance of a guide –teacher which familiarizes them with various aspects of conducting a tour. It is an opportunity for the students to plan and gain hands-on experience on their future profession, its problems and means to overcome unforeseen obstacles.